Combat Medic (Suk Doctor Talent)

Would you allow the Suk Doctor to spend more Momentum in order to heal more points?

For example if the Suk Doctor spends 2 momentum, they heal 3 points, if they spend 3 momentum they heal 4 etc.

Or would you say that’s OP?

Not on a 1-1 basis. That is definitely OP.

I might allow it on the escalating scale of an aditional 2 momentum for the third and an additional 3 momentum for the forth point of damage reduction.
Same scale as purchasing extra dice with the associated diminishing returns.
But that is getting into House rules.

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Ah, I love the idea!
You are correct I think that it would be too OP otherwise.

Suk Doctors are already amazing when it comes to skirmish/warfare because their healing talents only demand the expenditure of actions/momentum and they don’t have to roll any skills.