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Momentum & Armour Piercing - Is it too much?

I’ve been wondering.
Is it working as intended that Soak is just going to be a speedbump?
Because, from what I can tell, removing 2 Soak per Momentum spend, on top of weapons with AP, just seems like be a path towards cutting through opponents like butter.
Especially combined with Spread.

Am I just not throwing enough cannon fodder at the players? They’re pushing 5k XP and are in the middle of the Dark Legion Campaign. Should I just be throwing hordes at them?

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Hey there.

I ran a very long campaign once and about half way through house ruled that momentum to bypass soak didn’t apply to spread. My players didn’t even argue as they agreed that shotguns were too powerful and not intended to be such an effective weapon against armored targets.

It ended up working really well in our game.


Nice call Nevets, I think I’ll do the same.