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Charactor sheets and Campaign file

Origionally posted to the old forum by [Jason M]

Version 3 Character Sheets (Form Fillable)

Version 3 Ammo Cards (Form Fillable)

Version 4 Charactor Sheet (Non-Fillable)

Melee, Armour and Deployables cards

Ranged Weapons and reloads

Hacking Device Record Sheet

Internal Enemies
- Introduction and outline

- Part One “The Lab”

- Part Two “Shentang Voodoo” - Version 1 may require some (a lot) of feedback to bring up to standard.


Those look like they are for sci-fi game… not for Conan?



Steve, these are for Infinity RPG, not Conan

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Thanks guys.

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Additional Fan Made Character Sheets:
Bureau Noir

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Anybody know if more of the Internal Enemies campaign got developed?

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A clean sheet.

Been working on my own version of sheets for Infinity

Infinity_Character_Life_Path_Worksheet_RC6(Printer_Friendly)Fillable.pdf (264.2 KB) Infinity Character Sheet Printer Friendly_RC5.pdf (522.4 KB)