Carousing Rules Query

Hi I’m new to this version of Conan, I really like what I’ve read so far. I think the carousing rules really add to the game, but I’d like some clarity on them. How many carousing actions does each player get? May they take one of each type of carousing activity or are they limited by a number of carousing actions they may take?

I think thats up to the GM.
In our group we make 1 roll that is a carousing event for all the players and 1 roll individually.

We also only make carousing when it is appropriate, ie in locations that makes sense that we can carouse. :slight_smile:

CONAN - Page 291. You can do as many carousing activities as you like, then roll once on the Carousing Events table. The gamemaster may adjust the options based on the locale, or potentially based on time.

Remember that each action costs Gold and each Gold takes about a day.

Those add up… they are not concurrent.