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Capharnaum Character Sheet

Where can I find a dpwnloadable PDF of the Capharnaum character sheet? Am I on crack and simply can’t find it, or is one not readily available?


I know there is one in the core book I believe.

I will get the pdf of the character sheet put on the webstore this week.


Presently, there exists none independent of the basic book’s pdf.

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That would be fantastic. It’s often more convenient printing from a single smaller file than accidentally printing the whole book - especially if you’re at the printers…

I’m just glad I’m not on crack.


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It would also be nice if there could be an editable pdf as well as a standard pdf.

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I made one using the pdf.


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Funny, it doesnt work for me. :frowning_face:

Are you not able to access the file?

I can’t seem to find a way to upload the file directly.

Yes, I can access, the problems is that its seems not 2B Fillable

Yeah, to be form fillable, you’d need an editable PDF viewer. I’m a paper kind of guy.

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