Form Fillable Character Sheet

Is there a more universally compatible version of the Conan form-fillable character sheet? I’d like a simple print friendly version of the character sheet that doesn’t make a desktop version of Adobe’s software mandatory like Modiphius’s version.

I can fill it in on my iPad but even Adobe’s app there screws up the PDF. Once I do that all the layers break. Only their desktop version handles layers and only if I don’t edit the file in their iOS version. Their PDF also seems to have some non-standard fonts that either don’t print at all or print as squares.

I’m even trying to fill in the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and any copy and paste of text changes the font to garbage even if I paste the text into a plain text editor and copy it out again.

Clicking the “combat die” button purged everything I’d manually typed in to the form.

I’ve not seen another character sheet that is fillable, but you could take the sheet created by Keith Johnson on google+ and add fields to it if you have the right version of Acrobat. It is a well laid out sheet and views well on my ipad.

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Thanks but I don’t have Acrobat Pro. This issue is the only reason I even installed their reader.

I do. But don’t wait on me to get that done. Not sure how much time I’ll have to work on doing that.

I was mainly hoping Modiphius would see my post and produce a friendlier form fillable character sheet.

Maybe, but I wouldn’t count on it, they have a lot on the go.

I started on my sheet. I got page 1 finished.