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Campaigns in Dunwall

Conner’s Corner is a small neighbourhood set in the shadow of a large canning Factory. The waste from the different fish products filters down into the hands of countless food carts, which are then sold in the local street market for a few coin.
Coins for wares is a pawn shop that rents the two rooms above for those that can pay. An elderly couple live in the side alley, next to the shop begging for a few copper coins. The old man’s wife is ill and not long for this world.
The Bakery along the street was burned down in an accident a month ago, now used for hidden meetings and dealings, you can still smell the fire damage.
The Ladies Pleasures, is a whorehouse run by Helga Branducci. She refers to her girls as her little monkeys. Her prices are fare, but its her street info which draws the interest of gangs.
Above a Knackers Yard at the far end of Conner’s Corner is a small laboratory which belongs to Kasey Tesla, a woman determined to find a cure to the Rat Plague, her ex-Jamie Banks is a clockwork Inventor, who now lives across town, his Aquatic-lung-mask may make him popular one day.

This is where it begins, a mysterious Hunter, a cold blooded Assassin and a desperate Inventor forge a union to make a difference, or at least make some coin.

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