Blauer Kristall Dice

The Blauer Kristall / Blue Crystal dice set seems out of stock. Is there any hope it will be re-stocked?

There are 367 units (currently) in the US Store. Maybe try there?

I purchased 3 of these myself. They are really nice looking in person and feel great.

Great catch, thank myou! Unfortunately, the US Store does not seem to ship to Europe (where I happen to live). So it won’t help me, but maybe others who run into the same problem. :slight_smile:

It’s now out of stock in both the UK and the US shop.

Any chance for a re-stock?

Might I draw your attention to this, @Modiphius-Nathan?

I asked customer service about this myself, and heard back with them saying there are no plans to restock the dice. This was disappointing to say the least, as I’m new to A!C 2D20 and missed out on the dice, which look really cool (and glowy.)

Ah that is disappointing to hear. I am the same, new to the game and wanted a set of Blauer Kristall / Blue Crystal dice.

Blauerkrystal dice restock is underway. Our intrepid investigators are securing stocks of the deadly material right now, before Section M’s finest dice smiths will render it into inert curios. They are expected to hit the UK and US stores around October.