Betazoids during 23rd Century?

According to Memory Alpha Betazed (the home planet of the Betazoids) joined the UFP in 2273. But STA allow them as player race only from the Next Generation timeline. Is this because, they don’t appear during the original serie? Iirc they appear in Discovery.
So would it be ok, to allow them during that era?

The authors probably made their decision about the Betazoids based on the fact that they were an intricle part of Star Trek the Next Generation, but did not appear in the original series. I know Star Trek Discovery mentions them but Modiphius’ license does not currently include Discovery. If you Game Master says it’s okay to include the Betazoids in the TOS era, then it should be fine.

I allow it; there are a few Betazoid NPCs in my Razor’s Edge campaign set in 2295, and one of the PCs is also Betazoid.

The Original series is set sometime in the 2250s, which is before the time that Betazed joined the Federation. Point of reference being that Kirk entered Starfleet Academy in 2250. Given roughly 4-6 years to go through the Academy, and he would have graduated in 2254. He was given command of the Enterprise roughly in 2265. From there to 2270 is roughly when his first 5-year mission of the enterprise would have been.

Therefore, logically, the TOS era for the game is between 2265 and 2270 (roughly).

Granted, if you want to play a TOS era campaign set in 2275-2280, by all means do so and add whatever character options you want. For more information and a good idea of events in the timeline, I would suggest glancing through this for whichever timeline you are playing in.

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Agreed - I see no problem with Betazoids in a 23rd-century game. Even if you accept 2273 as a date for Federation membership (this originates with Star Trek Star Charts), there might have been Betazoids in Starfleet or serving with Starfleet as part of an exchange program before the planet was formally admitted.

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Pretty much this: We didn’t have a massive amount about Betazed’s entry to the Federation - they’re a major member by TNG, but absent in TOS, and the shows and movies are the primary sources for us ( we delve into secondary canon only when necessary). So, I went with the most direct interpretation the primary canon allows: Betazoids are a major part of the TNG era Federation, but not so much in earlier periods.

In secondary (non-shows) canon, Betazed joined the Federation in 2246, 2273, or 2294, depending on which book you read, and had the first Betazoid in Starfleet around the 2250s (though only mentioned in one of the Discovery novels, so inaccessible to us).

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Trill were largely unknown before TNG but Dax had an affair with TOS era Dr McCoy. Non Federation races fan still have individual members in Starfleet.

I mean, I know I might say this a lot. But it is just a game, if people are okay with bending the ‘rules’ to increase the fun you have at the table, go for it.

Or just use Deltans. Troi was just an Ilia rip off.