Bene Gesserit drinking the water of life questions

I hope I’m at the right place.
My questions are, after a Bene Gesserit sister drinks the Water of life and lives,

  • do her eyes turn blue on blue (eyes of the Ibad) ?
  • later can she have children that will not be abominations ?
    I’m looking for ansers from the F.Herbert books or the Dune RPG books.
    Thanks for your help.

For the first point I don’t think Reverend Mothers automatically get the blue on blue eyes.
Reverend Mother Gaius doesn’t have them in the original trilogy I believe.
Moving to the BH/KJA books and the RPG there are various methods of awakening the Other memories that don’t require spice and so won’t cause the blue eyes. The one mentioned is a poison from Rossak.
If they become a RM through spice though then that would seem a likely side effect given that general exposure turns the eyes blue.

For the second point I am fairly certain that once they have gone through the agony they can have children safely.
I dont think it is specified in the early books, but certainly in Hererics & Chapter House Reverend Mothers/Honored Matres with the Memories are having children.
Again back to the expanded books I think Gaius was a Reverend Mother when she concieved Jessica with the Baron.
It makes sense to me that the issue is the initial awakening and after that the RM can control things so the fetus is not exposed to everything.

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Dear Count Thalim,
Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom with me.
I’m glad to hear your answers so that a reverent mother is still able to produce a viable heir if she is also head of a house. Mariage must always stay an option ;-).
Enjoy your day.

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it is canonical that the Water of Life is not the only awareness spectrum narcotic used. The changing of the Water of Life seems to be specifically Fremen from the texts

The issue with abominations is that they are exposed to the same neurotoxic awareness spectrum narcotics; they have other memory from before birth, and are not mentally prepared. It is clearly a known thing to the BG, but prior happenings don’t get shown.

It is implied strongly that Rev. Mothers can be breeders in Chapterhouse; it’s explicit in one of the House novels. It’s strongly implicit with the revelation of Jessica’s ancestry in Dune.

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