Been banging my head on a SuperHero Solo/CO-OP game

This Superhero game has been ping ponging in my head for awhile.

I think many aspects of 2D20 will work for it, but trying to find a good way for progression of powers.

2D20 starts you out as a fully trained character, for the most part.

I am looking at ways to have the character grow, change and even possibility to evolve.

Powers and Skills start weak as you have just gotten powers, the player does not know all the powers they have at start, the more they use something the more likely it may improve or change.

Example: The more they Punch and Kick the better chance of getting Power to help that.

The more they Sneak and use Shadows better chance to Improve a Power that helps do that or Develop one.

At start they will pick from a selection of broad types they want to be, or go random.

This choice plus actions will lead to Powers and Skills.

I have done up 2 different combat rules sets already, with this open 2d20 was thinking perhaps I can make it work.

All ideas welcome.

Thanks All!

I was thinking for my main/second 2d20 product it would be a supers piece
So very interested in what you will be doing

I thought of two ways you could do this:

  1. Just have charcaters star with lower stat levels, and level them up normally
  2. Have usable “powers” unrelated to the stats, and every time they gain extra momentum when they roll dice for a power, they have the choice to bank/use it as normal, or keep it as a “point” towards that power’s progression (which can be in terms of sheer power, or some sort of choice of benefits (e.g. reduced difficulty for the power, or improved critical range)).