Assets, Resources & Acquisitions Question

Hey gang!

I wanted to start off by saying that the 2d20 system is my group’s favorite ruleset, and the MC universe has long been special to me, so I’m very excited that this new edition is everything that I expected it could be.

My group has a problem with the Acquisition rules and maybe we’ve been playing them wrong, so if there’s any FAQ or errata that we haven’t come across that can apply to it, please let me know (I couldn’t find any). Our problem is specifically with the way the Dark Symmetry (DS) symbol is used in the “Apply Cash” rule. It seems that the richer a PC is the more likely they are to lose assets . This came up when one of our wealthier PCs tried to buy an “off the rack” suit (Cost: 1) for one of our poorer PCs, and ended up losing an inordinate amount of assets .

Any help would be appreciated.

hu ha!

Yeah, that’s about how it goes. The idea seems to represent the cut throat market, without a regulated economy. But it is up to you how many dice you use, in the sense of how much you are willing to lose. When the roll doesn’t suffice, you pay the difference with the assets at hand.

I’m not happy with it either, but i have not a constructive idea how to make it better. I decide depended on the situation how to proceed. When everything is dandy and electronics work, my PC don’t have to roll if they can buy a flashlight… if they are in the under city with people who are dependent on their few belongings, that’s something else. I might say to take a roll, or even pay only in hard assets up front.

It knew it is against the rule, but we use the following:
If a player want to buy something, which has a lower cost then his earnings, he just roll against (Restriction-Difference) for a Lifestyle or Thievery test (or any other appropriate skill),. If he succeeded, just reduce his Asset by Cost.
But the player could always use the full rules, if he wish