Armor mods and/or Head slot armor that give Radiation Resist? Please advise

In the Core Rules and GM Toolkit there isn’t anything about armor mods that give radiation resist but I purchased the Fantasy Grounds Unity Fallout 2d20 plugin and it has a “lead lined” mod that works in the Torso, Arms, and Legs of normal armor and it gives 3 Resist VS Radiation.

Also, the only head armor piece that has radiation resist is the Cloth Sack… Is this how it’s meant to be or is this something else that got overlooked? Has this been addressed before by other people?

I think Vault Suits can also get Rad Resist.

Sack Hood, Hood or cowl and Gas Mask all provide Rad Resist

This is from the updated PDF

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The “lead lined” Armor mod is in the core rules, at least in the updated pdf (I don’t own the printed book, so I cannot tell if this has been added as an erratum). You can find it on p. 136, in the upgrade table that lists mods applying to all types of armor.

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