Armor stacking max?

Can’t find this in the book, but my players are about to get even more armored up than before. Is there a stacking limit that I’ve been unable to find? The index has been no help.

If memory serves, armor/clothing pieces worn in the same location provide overlapping, not stacking resistances.

Don’t forget that what a character wears also counts against their carrying capacity, so layering multiple suits of armor can quickly lead to a character becoming encumbered with little benefit in return.

Bascially, if you’re layering armor you don’t add the layers, you just pick the best resistance amongst teh layers for the incoming damage type/ So if you have metal armor over an fireproofed vault suit, you’d use the metal armor value on physical damage, and probably the suite’s value for energy and radiation.

When wearing power armor, you count only the power armor - unless the hits mands on a breached location (no more armor HP there) in which case you’d use the worn armor. Whchlogically will be only clothing-type armor, the rest being too bulky to wear with the power armor