Are there any FATE to Traveller Conversion rules?

Since most of Mindjammer Modules / Products are written for FATE and I plan on running MJ on Traveller… are there any Conversion Rules from FATE to Traveller out there?

I think I would like to try one of the Modules - but, having next to no experience with either FATE nor Traveller I would like at least some ideas how conversion could be done

Um, they already did it! Unsurprisingly, as clearly a lot of the GM-related stuff for the original Mindjammer was drawn from Traveller.

I like Mongoose Traveller, but tbh I’m stoked to be learning FATE as its a great system, once you get your head around its narrative structure.

I would also like to see a Traveler->Fate conversion. Where as the above is a Mindjammer to Traveler system conversion (I think).