Apocalyptic city

Hello an good evening all I finally got some my ruined city terrain and mat. After puttin some of it together I thought should put some pictures up, is Still a work in progress




Welcome to the ruined city of Trustaire. I took two 3x3 maps, the one from starter set + the one from red rocket set, side by side to make a 6x3 map then took my battle systems terrain and laid out a rough layout of the city i made up for my game.b1


I like the walkways between buildings, will need to do that with my set as well. The storage area with the walled sections and crates is a great idea and looks awesome as well. And congrats, you have one of the only pics I’ve seen of the Red Rocket station with the red rocket actually on the stand.

Ah yes thank you, I have seen others mention the red rocket possibly damaging the stand, but so far mine has been pretty great. I like the walk ways as well though on the 6x3 my buildings are spread too far out, once my 3 other city blocks arrive I can make a full urban city and will spread those walkways over a entire city.

Battle System’s terrain looks fantastic and it’s great that is modular.

I recently ordered their city block set and plan to get more. Just wish I knew a store in the states that sold them.