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Another prelude excerpt I wrote for my V5 Dark Ages Vampire campaign

It’s one and a half pages, and written in 2nd person, since it’s for a tabletop roleplaying campaign. I hope you enjoy it like the others.

For this game, they made mortals and gave me a list of clans they’d like to end up being, then I took that info and created preludes for them to play through, which takes them from mortal through their embrace, then up through their first 50+ years of unlife.

The character, Rallo, was bled and tossed into a Baali well of sacrifice. Rallo didn’t die, at least not entirely, and many years later, he was unintentionally rescued by several of the PCs when they cleansed the well of an ungodly demon-tree thing that had grown out of the well. The excerpt takes place just after the demon-tree has expelled Rallo’s body onto the ground in front of the other PCs, while he’s reawakening for the first time in some 50+ years, now as a Cainite.

Normally I don’t write preludes for my players, and before going ahead with anything, I made sure to discuss what I had in mind for the game with everyone during a session zero. I’ve learned from experience what can happen when there’s poor communication between the storyteller and players, and when they don’t have the same expectations of the game that’s going to be run, so I like to have very clear goals, expectations, and player buy-in before I run a game.