Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Caitians and Edosians added as lifepath option/player species options.

I’d expect the Cardassians and Bajorans to get a fair amount of coverage, as well as the Ferengi. I don’t know how much Breen material I expect, given they were explicitly very mysterious and unknown throughout the series.

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regarding space frame rules, I’d like to see the book if they look at space framces give extended space station rules. I mean it’s going to be a very DS9 centric book anyway

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That’s found in the Command Division book.

With all due respect: If it was, then these questions arising in the thread ‘Starbases – Mission Profiles?’ (including wonderful homebrew work of @TCArknight ) in this very forum would not have happened. Or, at least, if it was found to the extent at least somebody here would appreciate to find.

In unrelated matters: I will need caitians!!! :smiley: Please do them!

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All I’m really looking for in any supplement book are things that will cut down on GM prep time.

It is found in the command division book, but more detail etc might be nice, some additional stats templates and examples etc

Can you divulge the species that will be appearing as yet?

There are a number of alpha quadrant species mentioned that we never see that I’d loove to see fleshed out a bit. the Tzenkathi and the Nabarite Alliance come to mind


I’d love to see the Tzenkethi so long as they don’t look like the do in Star Trek Online, they look like they were developed by a 10-year-old boy! The Nabarite Alliance would be cool too, I’ve always wanted to hear more about them.

I can’t help thinking they should be grey-skinned, very technologically advanced and utterly uninterested in cultural variations…

Oh wait, that’s the Nebari

Seriously, I don’t recognise the Nabarites - where are they from?

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I Believe @Section31 is referring to the Nyberrite Alliance which had a single passing mention in DS9

The Nyberrite Alliance gets a brief mention in the core rulebook, page 15.

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the tzenkathi in STO are more or less about how the DS9 writers envisioned them

Which is why I’m thankful that they were never seen on screen lol

eh I think they’d be fine so long as they didn’t have those silly back mounted sheild thingys.

Welcome to the community!

My interest is piqued! How does STO describe them? I only know of them as a one line mention in a DS9 episode. Continuing Missions makes them very big, with six appendages, essentially two legs, four arms, with one pair being for fine motor manipulation, and the other two massive arms for strength. What are they like in STO?

The pic on the writeup is the in game STO model.

yeah continueing missions uses the Pic from STO. STO’s a pretty good source of info all things considered. given it’s F2P nature it’s worth mining for ideas if you’re GMing

STO has some good stories sporadically. It also has a loads of straight up rip-offs of various Star Trek episodes and a lot of cameos of actors from the shows that are entirely wasted due to the lousy scripts they had them reading. The good ones are there though. You just have to shovel a bit.