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Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook

Technically, Quark makes first contact with Earth in July 1947… (DS9 Little Green Men)

@Modiphius-Jim: The authors shouldn’t be rewriting already released materials, nor getting paid for doing so…

Question for Jim.

If the Tellarite have binary couples. A mother and a father.
And they only have one child. And the instant they have said child they’re moved to part time employment and dedicate themselves to being there for every single moment of the child’s life. And this lasts until the child moves out onto his own. (Presumably 16 to 25 years) And due to this Tellarites only have one child.

Doesn’t that mean that Tellerite population will be roughly halfed, every generation until it dwindles and disappears?

The block does say that they occasionally have two, but then spends two paragraphs talking about how it’s one and how ‘hard’ it is, and how much time it takes and what not. And the ‘occasional second child’ still isn’t going to get them up to even a stable population. It would still be declining. If not by 50% per generation, but still a steady decline.


Ah yes, the Ocampa problem.

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Sounds like a great subplot for a Tellarite PC to wrestle with.


Only halfway through the book and enjoying it to the ends of the galaxy. Gives me some great plot hooks.

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For this scheme to not be a problem, the expected lifespan merely needs to be double the age of departure. If we make some minor assumption changes, we can make it much better for the society.

Options that can be sensible include…

  • age of departure is consistently 15 with departure to a residential educational facility. This puts the average age needed to be only 45
  • a significant rate of multiples. (EU sources note 4 nipples, so likey two young at a time is not uncommon; average litter size usually correlates to half nipples.
  • the society is post-population-crisis, and, excepting food, was post-labor or nearly so, and this is a ZPG policy.

In this case, I think the version in the rules was a careless error, and will assume litters of 2-3 the standard, one liter until adulthood, rather than 1 child, consistent with the older EU materials

I do think it needs to be errata matter

Regarding the Grazerite species talent, Horn-Sense, it seems odd that it’s available with the GM’s permission for non-Grazerties considering that it’s described as being a result of some of a genetic variance that results in some of their species having hollow horns.

Is the “with Gamemaster’s permission” an accidental copy paste, or is the idea that anyone can be sensitive to subtle vibrations and pressure changes?

It’s intentional. Possible that players might come up with a custom horned species that could use the talent, or adjust the flavor text to allow for a PC of a different species to use the talent’s effect. System is pretty flexible.

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Alright. The reason I ask is that that a lot of the Species Talents that seem more physical in nature – like the Tellarites’ Sturdy, or the Klingons’ Brak’lul – appear to be species specific.

Obviously the GM has final say regardless, but it seemed odd to me that it was different for this talent in particular.

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In several cases, the species talent is the same mechanics as another species’ named talent.

Is this actually shipping now?
What’s the best way to get it without paying a lot for postal to the US?
Will it likely get to my FLGS in the next week or so

The RPGG news post notes that it’s supposed to hit stores this week, but not whether that’s world-wide or just the UK.

I got the PDF almost a month ago, via DriveThru

I picked mine up at GenCon. Beautiful book. I wouldn’t be able to stand this wait between pdf release and it getting to US FLGS.

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Beaming into my living room tomorrow.


Love the book, getting deep into the planning of my campaign now.

I understand the problems with adding content with Discovery, I’ve been trying to research and follow the rights issues with the various Star Trek licenses these past few weeks as a by-product of my exploration into Kelvin and Prime timelines and it’s making my head explode…

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This is really good! And it makes me excited for all the weirdo Delta species that were on VOY.

Though it does make me wonder what the heck will be in a gamma quadrant book other than the dominion?

The Dominion is about the only thing that is known to the Federation about the Gamma Quadrant. Also, it seems that their dominion (pun intended) stretches across the majority of the Quadrant. So I imagine we’ll see species write-ups for several Dominion members (Dosi, Karemma, Vorta, Jem’Hadar), as well as more Dominion adversary vessels, advice on running missions during the Dominion war, and points of interest like the other end of the wormhole, the place where Kai Opaka stayed to help, etc. If this book is any indication, they won’t struggle to fill all the pages! :grin:


Glad to hear you’re liking ALPHA. I can’t wait till you get a chance to see GAMMA and DELTA. So much fun stuff in there. We just did not have enough page count for everything.

Guess I better plan some more supplements, heh. :smiley:


Yes! I can’t wait to hear what the next ones are going to be! Will you be announcing several upcoming books at once like you did with the original line?

Probably. The next slate of releases after SNW, Gamma, and Delta are coming together and I imagine the marketing pros at Modiphius will want to release news in appropriate timing along with all the other stuff Modiphius plans to announce on all the other games and products they have cooking.