Agents of Dune Questions

If you have any broken or missing components, drop our customer services a line, they should sort you out. :slight_smile:

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Those nice cards really do spoil you and your players! I have been trying to think of a way to have similar cards set up for Masters of Dune (the continuation of the House Nagara campaign). It would be cool to be able to set up cards off of a blank pdf even that was form-fillable and had some basic template options like for characters etc. on one side and a place to drop a pic and text on the other.

This is a major hint/ suggestion/ plea to Andy!


There are the Agents Asset Deck and the Architects Asset Deck available which are similar to the Agents of Dune Asset cards.

They even come with a couple of blank cards which could be used for custom ideas.

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I have snagged those, but I think I will go through the 5 or so blanks pretty quickly!

On the Heirs: keep in mind that that an heir need not be either biological nor actually appointed yet. When the time comes, the Emperor then appoints one of the PCs as regent, at least until they ruin the house, or others start addressing them as Count Nagara.

It’s a dirty trick, but not unprecedented. Keep in mind, until the big duel with the not-drugged-enough slave, Feyd was not yet the formal heir. (By classic primogeniture, ignoring the issues of gender in classic forms, Ablurd abdicating to pass the seat to Vladimir should have pruned his children out, So it wasn’t a formality to declare Feyd Rautha as heir. Especially since Glossu Raban, being elder of the two, has a higher value under primogeniture than Feyd Rautha.)

So, Baron Harkonnen had no formal heir, no clear primogeniture (gendered or not) to his knowledge… and the one personal heir he had did not know it… until her children bring him to an end. So there is no reason Nagara can’t likewise lack a default heir.

My group have almost completed Act 2 and are having a great time with it.

One plot point they are struggling to reconcile though - while investigating the sabotage in Act 2 Part 3, they found the Minimic Films, which give names and locations. However having beaten Kira in combat and interviewed her, she claims that she has no names or details of where the information is going, despite it already being known that she had been. Initially they thought the films had been planted, but the fact they would have received the cards having beaten her, had they not found them already, it seems that it’s contradictory.

Are we missing something?

Ah, I see what you mean, fair point.
While the mimic films are ‘signed’ by Earl Vernius they are really signed on his behalf (supposedly). Kira doesn’t have a direct contact, they just know they are working for Vernius. The names of any intermediaries the PCs might be able to track and follow (except for the head of House Vernius) are not something Kira knows.

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