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Hi together,

I have a question about the Altmer passive ability after learning Illusion: is it mandatory to re-roll the enemy die when using an illusion spell or is it only optional? Because the ability might also be counterproductive e.g. when the enemy would miss its attack.

Thanks a lot for clarifying!

Hi! If a quest says „clear 360, 361 and 362” do i fight the enemies all at once or one by one? What about “clear 2 [undead icon]”? One by one or all at once?

Hello, are there any limitations on trading in the game? Since Skyrim is known for getting over encumbered…
I had a game session in which a player invested 15 septims to buy iron at 3 septims each and later sells it at 7 each. Seems easy to gain 20 septims and do two city quests… Also there should be a limit on components in your inventory right?
Please help me out with this one. It really ruined our session the other night.
BR, Alex

Also how about the conjuring spells? It seems a bit stranger that you summon a mammoth, which would be overpowered

It is optional

Always one by one unless specified otherwise (all at one fe)