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Take control of your own spaceship and forge your own destiny in a cut-throat galaxy.

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Is anyone actively playing Elite?

One of my group is planning to run a campaign of it soon. So… maybe?

Good to hear! I got to run the starter adventure for a group and everyone seemed to like it. It’s a cool system.

It just seems dead everywhere, Reddit thread, spidermind games not even a gane run at Gencon this year.

I hope your game gets off the ground!

The guy running it has wanted to do it since release. I’m looking forward to playing it. :+1:

My group just finished 2 “seasons” of Star Trek Adventures (mostly modifying the existing content for TOS era as well as the 2 adventure books to fit TOS era and the storyline I was connecting everything with). We’re taking a break with a fantasy hack and slash right now, but once that’s done we’re going to do some EDRPG.

I’ve really liked the basic EDRPG mechanics. I am normally a crunch guy but I came to appreciate mechanics promoting speed of play in our time playtesting STA, and the only thing that’s at all complicated is building out your ships. The tools they give the GM to generate missions and adventure hooks in all the books are amazing. The game is also the first one I’ve seen that allows a party of space adventures to each have their own personal machine, something I usually only see in mecha games.

It’s really a ■■■■■■ that the game isn’t getting much attention, we’ve really liked our initial run of it.

I’m brand new to the system and while I knew it wasn’t exactly massively popular as a tabletop game it really is a shame there doesn’t seem to be much of a community. I was hoping I might be able to dig up (for example) some fan-jammed stats for some of the ships from the video game that aren’t included in the sourcebooks.