About the Correct Pronunciation of Hyborian Age Names

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First time posting, but I’m a lifelong REH’s Conan Fan, and I’ve been GMing Conan 2d20 and following the Forum for sometime now.

Now, to the topic:

Howard was an author of unrivaled imagination, and I admit that the pronunciation of some of the names he used in his Hyborian Age are indecipherable to me, while others just sound really odd.
I wonder how do you guys usually pronounce names like:

  • Thugra Khotan
  • Xaltotun
  • Tshota Lanthi
  • Khoraja
  • Conajoaha

And the ultimate challenge:

  • Xuchotl

Besides, what other Names sounds tricky to you?

Xuchotl and Xaltotun seem like variants of Aztec words. “Xochitl” is a name currently in use around the USA: How to Pronounce Xochitl? (CORRECTLY) Meaning & Pronunciation - YouTube

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I have to admit, as a german I am doing it like the german language does it :slight_smile:
I mean just pronounce as it is written. So I do pronounce all the names in a german way, that let most of them sound exoticm guteral and so fitting into the hyborian age :slight_smile:

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