Worm riding requirements

Reading Sand and Dust, i saw that there are Required values for someone to be able to ride a Sandworm, but due to the high values, i couldn’t completly wrap my head around what those values mean in game.

An exemple, to ride a Shai-Hulud worm, 450m long or more, one would have the requirement of 16. Does that mean that thru would need 16 successes on their dice roll? How would that even be possible?

Keep in mind that you get 3 rolls. 2 points for succeeding on each. Bonus points for quality of assets (e.g. maker hooks, thumper). Then you can also parlay momentum into further points.

Not saying it would be easy, but with high quality equipment, good rolls, and some starting momentum, it could be done.

People would tell stories about it…


Not quite. You get 2 points towards the requirement for a successful test. Then you add the quality of your asset to that. Then you can spend Momentum to add more points to the requirement if you do well.

So if you make succeed a test using a Quality 2 item and get one more success than you need you score 5 points towards the requirement. Do that 3 times and you have 15 out of the 16 points. An especially good test or better quality gear and you have a pretty good chance.

You can also give the GM threat if the Momentum is thin on the ground. Exhausted and stressed after your ride is a great time for your enemies to find you after all! :slight_smile: