Use of Momentum in calculating points to meet defeat requirement

When calculating points scored toward the requirement to defeat an opponent, in the core rules it says…

…you may spend 2 points of Momentum to increase the Quality of the asset by +1 for that attack only. (p. 167)

Meanwhile, in Wormsign, it says:

Momentum can be spent to add to the points scored (1 extra point for each Momentum)… (p. 9)

I have two questions:

  1. Which rule is right, core rules or Wormsign?
  2. If the answer is the core rules, may I spend 2 Momentum multiple times to increase Quality even more, e.g. spend four Momentum to gain Quality +2?

Thanks, Erik

Generally, the Corebook trumps Wormsign as its the complete rules.
Wormsign is a very cut down version with some tweaks to simplify some systems.
But there is no reason not to use whichever you prefer (or even both) in your game.

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