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Momentum to increase results on extended task track

As per p.167 of Core Rulebook, ‘Each successful attack scores points equal to 2 plus the Quality of the asset used; you may spend 2 points of Momentum to increase the Quality of the asset by +1 for that attack only.’
Would you allow spending Momentum multiple times, to increase the Quality even further, and progressing on the extended task track even further? Say, spending 6 Momentum for +3 Quality (and thus +3 steps forward with the task)?

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I would say no, personally. The momentum spend is a one off boost that shouldn’t stack with repeated spends on the same roll.
Increasing the quality slightly feels fine, but boosting a +1 quality item to a +4 seems over the top. With a +1 quality item you are doubling the damage done from 3 to 6.

For a final blow I might allow it if it brought down the villain in suitably dramatic fashion, but for a standard combat or part way through a dramatic scene I would stick with the single spend only.

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