Momentum to increase results on extended task track

As per p.167 of Core Rulebook, ‘Each successful attack scores points equal to 2 plus the Quality of the asset used; you may spend 2 points of Momentum to increase the Quality of the asset by +1 for that attack only.’
Would you allow spending Momentum multiple times, to increase the Quality even further, and progressing on the extended task track even further? Say, spending 6 Momentum for +3 Quality (and thus +3 steps forward with the task)?


I would say no, personally. The momentum spend is a one off boost that shouldn’t stack with repeated spends on the same roll.
Increasing the quality slightly feels fine, but boosting a +1 quality item to a +4 seems over the top. With a +1 quality item you are doubling the damage done from 3 to 6.

For a final blow I might allow it if it brought down the villain in suitably dramatic fashion, but for a standard combat or part way through a dramatic scene I would stick with the single spend only.

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In the extended tasks section of the core rule book, it says “As a rule of thumb, each passed skill test should score 2 points towards the requirement, which can be reduced by complications and increased by spending Momentum.” However it’s a bit silent on how much momentum you spend per point. The only other reference I can find to this is in conflict, where you buy (temporary) quality for assets as discussed above. Is this the same gig for regular extended tasks (i.e. you beef up your assets to get the extra point(s))?

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I think it would be difficult to justify the +3 increase narratively

I would certainly allow it.

You guys make me think I totally missed the explanation. I have played my games with a simple +1 for every momentum you spend after winning your test.
So if you must get 6 points with a test of difficulty 2 on three turns, you can finish on the first turn if you win then spend 4 momentum points.
Obviously, my extended tasks were pretty easy…

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