Winter of Atom pdf issue

Afternoon fellow wastelanders. I just made the purchase of Winter of Atom (Highly recommended to all GMs, players stay away) and downloaded the pdf.
Ive noticed that the TAG skills are not in the stat blocks for any of the new denizens of Boston.

For example in the core rulebook the Children of Atom have a TAG under survival and its at 4, meaning that they started with a skill of 2 and raised it by 2.
In WoA it shows the skill at 4, but since its not marked as a TAG then they will not get a critical success for rolling 4 or lower.

Reinforced Heavy combat armor is Physical 5 and Energy 5 but the Shock Troopers Physical is 3 and Energy 4.

Anyone have a clue? Id hate to have to go through ANOTHER book and correct all of the mistakes and or wait on a errata.