Will there be ModCon 2021

Really enjoyed ModCon2020, will there be a ModCon2021??

Checking in on this? Hoping for a ModCon 2021

Hello there!

Just out of curiosity - any parts of ModCon you liked or would like to see more of?


I enjoyed all parts, where I’m located there are not many gaming conventions at all.

As a JCOM fan I’d love to see some JCOM, but I enjoyed every part of it especially the panels with Q&A. How to GM 2d20 was great. maybe a how to be a player in 2d20?

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Thanks for the feedback - always good to hear if certain bits of ModCon were well received.

As far as a next Modcon itself, keep your eyes peeled - if we have anything to announce, this forum will be one of the places we do it!


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Crossing my fingers!!

Just seeing if we’ll get another ModCon?

There isn’t going to be one this year - it would’ve fallen at the same time as Dragonmeet (which is a convention that Modiphius is highly involved with).

That doesn’t mean that there is nothing left for ModCon - if there’s one in 2022 it’ll change the time of year it’s on.

Thanks for the positive feedback!


We do have the Fallout Reveal this afternoon at 16:00 today which is sort of a mini ModCon mind you.

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Diet ModCon?

ModCon Zero?

ModCon 1.5?

I’ll just leave this here…