Which Enterprise Stats Should We Use?

So, I noticed that the stats for the TOS Enterprise are different in the TOS Player Characters pdf and the USS Enterprise and Crew pdf that’s part of the Tricorder Set. Since the Tricorder ones are newer, are those the preferred stats?

If you are talking the stats on page 224, there is no issue. The stats on page 224 are for the CONSTITUTION CLASS as it would be in 2243. What is in the TOS Player Characters pdf representing Enterprise as it was on the show, which takes place in 2265-2269. Enterprise has at lease 2 refits as it was commissioned in 2245.

I’m talking about the Enterprise stats on page 13 of the TOS Player Characters pdf and on page 2 of the USS Enterprise and Crew pdf that is part of the Tricorder Set.

My bad, I forgot that one existed. So, it looks like the only difference I see is the upgrades being applied to comms/computers in one, and engines/weapons in the other.

With that said, yes, normally the newer one supersedes the older one, but I would view these as different configurations: Peacetime and Wartime. Then decide how you want your campaign to be: more science/social or more combat focused; then pick the configuration best suited for your game.

What I should do is compare the base Connie class stats…

Use the one you like or make your own interpretation.


WHAT? The PDFs for the Tricorder Set are available?
I might have to contact my FLGS about that.

PDF are available when/if you pre-order the set(s).

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Standalone PDFs will go on sale once the physical books/boxes begin to ship.