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Where to find more NPCs for VtM5?

Is there any other place to find more Mage, Werewolf, Ghoul, Changeling, Mummy, etc. supernatural type NPCs for Vampire the Masquerade 5e in any other books other than the core rulebook to use in my games or to even use as player characters?

The Antagonists section is a bit sparse and I am looking for more to add.

Only Vampire has been developed for 5th edition so, for the time being, no werewolves, no mages, no changelings because we have no rules for those yet.

Well, there are some NPCs of those types in the Antagonists section of the core rulebook but was wondering if there might be more in the Camarilla or Anarch or Chicago By Night or The Fall of London books.

No there is none: the Core Book is quite comprehensive and you can extrapolate these templates to your specific needs. Obviously in Chicago by Night and Fall of London you’ll have a bunch of Vampires you could pit against your PCs. In the Anarch and Camarilla books you don’t have any stats for « vilains ».

Not for V5, you have to make it up yourself.