What's the status on the Geomorphic Tile Sets?

I see that a number of stores such as Miniature Market and GameNerdz list the Geomorphic Tile Sets as preorders, and if I google the Modiphius store pages the Google preview says that they’re preorders expected to arrive in March, but the actual store pages don’t seem to say anything of the sort. What’s the story with these things? They’ve been sitting in preorder status for a couple of years according to GameNerdz.

If they’re still awaiting production, is the grid on them going to stay 30mm square, or shift to 30mm hex like Aristeia/Defiance use?

Are there any more tile sets expected other than Paradiso and Combined Army, or do you mean these two?

Yeah, those two.

And will they have Zones marked, too, given that the Infinity RPG is so very much “non-grid”?

But they aren’ still available in the US, is that so? Because they have been available in Modiphius’ store for quite some time now.

Doesn’t look like it. Both the stores I mentioned in the OP, as well as GTS Distributors, have it sitting in Preorder. GTS claim their expected release dates are Jan 2020, MiniMarket say it’s Feb 2020, and GameNerdz say it’s 2018.

I have both tile sets , ordered them direct as some distributors are useless

Oh, so it’s just a distribution problem. That makes sense.

Anf these two, unlike other Modiphius tile sets, aren’t available as pdf, so I guess you’ll have to wait or buy from an european store.

Buy direct and you build credit towards future purchases