What has been a memorable moment while playing Star Trek Adventures?

Jim and his team do a fantastic job at bringing us great Star Trek Adventures content.

I wrote a review article on Gamers Decide Star Trek Adventures Review

I’m curious what your most memorable moment has been while playing Star Trek Adventures?

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My players needed a sort of fun thing after an intense bit so we went slight back in time and had a Holiday episode. Qjr was causing problems and giving “presents” to all of the different characters.
For one he showed a parallel version of our Liberated Borg CMO what would have happened if he got on the transport that was assimilated to which the alternate version said “ah get me out of here!”
For another he sent them to effectively Narnia, security officers historically don’t get along well with Qs after all.
Q himself made an appearance and Jonathan Archer (the Captain’s ancestor) appeared. Q also quietly gave them the power of the Q. Our Archer asked for advice from Jonathan Archer and Riker on what she should do and decided against it. But she used the power to fix everything and get rid of Jr.

Then Q left their Science officer (an EMH Mark 4 running for 34 years) as a human. She already had sentience but Q gave Edith a mortal life.

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I ran a convention game just before the pandemic lockdown… it was an adventure with a borg cube. The players realized they weren’t getting significant damage with their ships 6 effect dice, so they did a scan generating threat and filling the momentum pool, then on their next action, maxing the dice for the attack by 5 threat and a determination to round out to 5d20 on the Helmsman’s Security… and wound up with 8 momentum… plus the 6 saved in the pool… thus iproving to 20 effect dice… they popped the borg cube…

It’s memorable for being so damnably munchkin.

The other memorable moment was a homebrew adventure… They found an Iconian tower… just after some Romulans… a running gunbattle on a 5 floor map with 3-5 zones per floor, not counting the zone for each stairway. They were unable to decipher the iconian, but documented it heavliy… and as a sign of “no hard feelings” not only returned the Romulan tactical team unharmed, but also gave a copy of the data. I think I was using the Thunderchild; it was late on in platest era.