What do Trill symbionts remember?

Does the symbiont remember the life experiences of a former host that occurred prior to joining?

Example: Does Ezri Dax able to recall memories of Jadzia Dax’s time in Starfleet Academy (which happened before Jadzia was joined)?

I don’t recall if it came up during the shows. I think symbionts remember everything that occured after joining. Since joining is a complete sharing between host and symbiote, theoretically they’d remember everything the host remembered at the moment of joining. I guess it depends on what the host remembers.

Like, I don’t remember much that happened in the first 5-6 years of my life, other than hazy moments. I imagine that’s the best the symbiote would get from my memories.

I’d leave it up to the player and GM to figure out, and have any memories gleaned serve the plot, story, or character, as dramatically appropriate. :slight_smile:


From Memory Alpha:

After and during joining, symbionts took with them all of the memories of their previous Trill hosts so, upon joining, the new Trill host gained those memories. The brains of the symbiont and host were able to communicate, and, indeed, did not function separately. Analyzing the brain wave patterns of the symbiont separately from the host was possible, and, to a degree, the symbiont’s patterns do not change significantly from host to host.

I was wondering if a joined Trill encountered his Mirror Universe counterpart, could the two switch symbionts? I had an idea for a plot where one of the characters comes back to the Prime universe but with the Mirror Universe symbiont along for the ride as a spy.

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Why not? We’ve seen Jadzia deprived of her symbiont for an episode. I see no reason, why there cannot be an exchange…

IIRC it was eistablished that by DS9 trill symboits had been wiped out, however it’s also been eistablished by enterprise and star trek 2009 that when visiting parallel universes you may not nesscarily move parellel. and thus could go forward or back in time.


We’re playing in the TOS/Kelvin era, i.e., late 23rd century.

No? There are plenty of Trill symbiotes during DS9 era. They haven’t been wiped out.

Well, Memory Alpha remains silent on the matter. It should be completely safe for every GM to include joined mirror-Trill into their campaigns, without the risk of Canon-Police showing up and raiding their place. :slight_smile:

Maybe the missing phrase is “in the mirror universe”?

That’s one way to do an exchange program…

whoops I mean “in the mirror universe” yes.

Swapping symbionts with an alternate universe counterpart would be a great plot point.

But then the goatee on the abdomen is a dead giveaway.

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@Atama the appropriate reply to this is neither safe for work nor G-rated. Shame on you! :smiley: