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VTT options for Star Trek

I appreciate the offer, but it’s more of a “this is riduculously circuitous” rather than “how do I do this?”.

The main issues are with replacing artwork for tokens (can’t do without rebuilding the token itself), making sure all the player tokens have the same options set (doesn’t seem to be a way to set a default), and getting rid of replaced art without inadvertently deleting the new! As I say, it’s not intuitive.

It would be a lot easier if you could set up the character, attach the art and voila, a token! I get the need for generic non-character tokens, but still…

You can set token defaults but it’s not in the game itself, you’ll need to jump into the game settings from the landing page of the game.
The most important thing to learn is that when you’re happy with your token that you set it as the default token in the character sheet, and any time you make changes to the token (aside from changing the bar values); that way the players can drag and drop their tokens onto the map of their own volition.

There is a lot of clicking through menus to get things set up, which can be a bit time consuming, this is true.

As @TheBalzan mentions, the most important revelation is when you realise that you need re-assign the token to the character sheet if you make any changes

I can tell I am getting old. I’ve been using Roll20 since September/October 2019 for my home STA game and a few one shot STA missions. After 8/9 months, all it’s done is make me feel disconnected from the players. To make matters worse, I’ve got players that don’t have a camera and are just disembodied voices. My players seem to enjoy how I am running, even when I’ve felt like I botched things royally - which is every goddamned session I’ve run on Roll20. Sadly, this is what I am stuck with until all the ridiculousness of social distancing/stay-at-home COVID19 garbage is done. As soon as I am able, I’m done with VTTs. Maybe if we had the holographic technological from DS9, I’d change my mind, but as of now, running on Roll20 has sucked the joy of running out of the game for me. Sorry for rant.

Thanks folks - I finally found the game settings this morning - it does handled most of what I wanted. But there is still the issue of having at least 3 different places to set things for each character!

It is incredibly versatile though… I’m looking at the Savage Worlds stuff for another game at the mo, and the work to get cards and bennies into the system is impressive.

@Dytrrnikl I know what you mean (I’m in my 50s), but it is better than nothing. For me, as someone with a health condition that could make things much worse, it’s the only way I can do this for at least another 6 months (waiting on the hoped-for vaccine). It also means I’m able to game with friends that live upwards of a hundred miles away…

You might want to take a look at something like Tabletop Simulator on Steam - while it’s designed for board games, it seems to be quite capable for RP gaming. The whole thing is laid out like a real table on screen, complete with character sheets, figures and dice. It didn’t really do it for me (it didn’t help that I didn’t have something to run it on, and was participating via a Discord stream), but a number of my friends love it. You wouldn’t get the actual being there, but it would feel more like a face to face game.

In my group not everyone has a webcam, but we Skype in using our mobile devices. If someone prefers not to show their face then that’s a different issue, of course. I do prefer being able to see everyone - it’s useful to see others’ expressions, and you can also see if someone’s trying to get a word in and getting steamrollered etc.

I know that Tabletop Simulator has a community made table ( for STA (also other components are available in the workshop). I personally have not used it, so I cannot vouch for it. I know it was was shown off a bit on Continuing Mission’s interview with Jim Johnson. That interview is located at It is toward the middle-end if memory serves me.

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If you are still in need, I’d recommend Mumble, a Team-Speak look-alike free and open source audio conferencing system. You need a dedicated server (the server’s free and open source as well, so one can self-host it if the connection supports it), but it has very good sound and some nifty features (i.e. directly voice-chatting to people while the rest of the channel does not hear it; good for GMs :wink: ) while having a VERY low traffic profile.

Guys, I SO much feel you! COVID-19 is the only reason, why I actually play online. I had my first trials of online groups years (almost a decade, I think) ago, and even though technology did improve since then, it’s still not the same. For the last years, I have resisted online play for the reasons you mention, it’s just not my cup of tea. That being said, we’re trying to get the best out of the situation and now we have very immersive battle maps (with D&D) and actual line of sight/fog of war. That’s something.

I also hate webcams. I do not need to see the guys I work with in a conference. Most of the time, I’m looking at a text or a browser window, anyway. So, at work (I am one of the lucky persons who actually can work at/from home) I do not regret that my laptop has no camera, not for a single moment. I actually did, when we started playing online. Facial and gestural expressions are so important! :slight_smile:

Anyway: I’m glad it helps you through these turbulent times. Better than nothing. :wink:

For those who need the video I do believe there’s video being added to Discord, or you could just do video in Skype, Face Time, Teams or Discord.
If you’re using Windows 10 you can split your screen so half your screen is roll20 and half is your talking program, you can hit F11 to make the program take up the full screen if you need it, then F11 to go back to half screen. Of you don’t know how to split your screen just grab the window from the tab at the top and swing it all the way to one side of your screen it will show some lines showing where it will display.

Coming soon for Fantasy Grounds (TOS skin shown)


[quote=“Sunspoticus, post:30, topic:10157, full:true”] Coming soon for Fantasy Grounds (TOS skin shown)

Awesome, looking forward to this coming to Fantasy grounds.

Keep up the good work & wishing all involved well.

Cheers. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: