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New Borg Tokens

Borg Male 4

Klingon Box open

New General object


New Plant

2 new plants

New Plant

New General Object

New General Objects

Chair 6

New General Object

New General Object

New General Object

New Animal


After a long vacation here we go again:

New General Object

New Dominion Object

New Kazon LCARS

I need some help from the community.
If someone can get me an Bridge invite for startrek online for other starship (Cardassian, Breen, voth, Vaaduar, Hirogin, Krenim,…) that would be cool. So I can take screenshots and extract png files for making maps.


New Klingon Objects

Klingon - Container 3
Klingon - Cup

New Tholian Objects

LCARS - Tholian 3
LCARS - Tholian unopened 3

New Animal

Mugato - Adult

New Hirogen Objects

Hirogen Box

Hirogen LCARS