Vertibird STL dimensions?

I got myself the Vertibird STL files, but 4 STLs are to big to print with the Elegoo Mars:
The cabin with gears up/down, the propeller and the tail.

I don’t think many hobbyist have access to printers that feature a large enough printing bed if you’re printing with resin. Seeing that the Vertibird already comes in several pieces, couldn’t Modiphius further split down the mentioned parts?

The dimensions listed for the item in the store leads me to believe that both the Vertibird and Tank are going to be too large to print for those of us with an Elegoo Mars.

The Vertibird is huge. It wouldn’t fit into the space of a Form 2 printer either if it came as a single piece. That’s why it comes as a set for you to print and put together.

But why stop at a size that is suitable for the Form 2? I think most hobbiyst don’t have a Form 2, simply because it is far more expensive than the low-budget, but also far more common printers, Elegoo Mars and Anycubic Photon S. It would be in Modiphius best interest to make their files accessible for more people after all.

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I agree completely. It would be nice if they had options for printing things in smaller pieces in addition to the larger chunks. Sure, it might not look quite as good, but it would put it in reach of those of us with smaller printers.

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Currently the parts are designed with pins and sockets, very much like multi-part resin miniatures to assure that everything fits thight and nicely. Additionally you could split parts along hard edges or recesses to hide the line where parts are glued together, very much like the lines from molds on miniatures are often disguised as edges on armor and clothing.

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I agree. I was actually discussing with someone the other day about where/how to split some of the pieces in order to make them fit the printer.

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I suppose you could do it with Meshmixer. However I lack the expertise to cut pieces as described above. Best I could do is a single straight cut, a “planar cut” I believe it is called. Other than that, Meshmixer is a really nice software and easy to learn. If you want to make some minor adjustments, it’s worth a look!

Since Modiphius has reworked their files already multiple times I hope they will take another look at the Vertibird.

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I had 3d Maker recommended to me. I found that to be easier to work with than Meshmixer.

I hope so too. If they’d set up the vertibird files for the smaller printers I’d have already bought the file and would likely have two or three of the things right now.

I think the best way they could handle it is to have alternate print options. Do a version with the larger pieces which would be better for larger printers. Then do smaller pieces for those of us who are using the smaller printers.