Two player battle mission avoiding adversaries?

Hi all. Been playing this game for a long time now, primarily versus friends. We always play battle mode missions (the ones from the stormcast rebellion are our favourites) but tend to avoid those with adversaries in it…

The work on book keeping slows the game down for us. My opponents are players that are not that deep into the game and are already busy managing their own force and special rules.

A game of 350 pts takes us 1-1.5 hours including table setup. With adversaries it takes at least two hours…

Dont get me wrong, i like the rules for them and also like to play solo.
How do you guys feel? Do you have similar experience or any tipp on how to speed up adversaries?
We really wish for more missions without them.

It’s your game - ignore them if you prefer. We included them originally as “hostile terrain” to make your decisions about more than just you and your enemy, but also how could you avoid or exploit the extra bad guys.

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Yeah i know what you mean. We had a funny game were the ai bandits completely overrun one board side and we were fighting over the last treasure that was not in that half. But that game took more then two hour’s.

For casual players like my gaming group, its more fun to leaf them out.