The Sphinx Reading Club “newsletter “

What “newsletter” is referred to as being found at The Sphinx Club in Act 2, scene 1. The description goes on to say how important the information is yet there is no indication where it was to be found.

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Act 2, Scene 1 of what in particular?

It is an incongruous reference. There is no newsletter mentioned before that line, and yet it is referred to a second time on pg. 48, that only harkens back to the initial mention: “Tucked into the notebook is a copy of the same newsletter
that Gotthold Fuchs had in Vienna (p.23)”.

One of a few things that drove us nuts when we played the Atlantis campaign; the editing of such an expansive book could have used a few more passes.

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You are referring to “Act 2, Scene 1” without telling to which piece or book said “Act 2, Scene 1” belongs. Lots of material does have at least 2 acts, virtually all of which does have a scene 1. :person_shrugging:
Also, a lot of books do have at least 48 pages.

So, again, Act 2, Scene 1 of what in particular?
p. 23 and p. 48 of which book in particular?

So you are probably referring to “Act 2, Scene 1” and “p. 23” and “p. 48” of the “Shadows of Atlantis 2d20 Edition”?

Only one published work has the Sphinx Club in Act 2 of any chapter.

Do you have a problem with this responsive comprehension of what the OP was requesting?

I have a problem with not understanding the context of the critique of a published work that I may or may not have in my library and thus may or may not check and/or need to annotate and/or may or may not choose to buy because it may or may not be flawed. Which is primarily criticism aimed at the OP.

But since the OP got their answer without being specific enough for me, they were obviously specific enough for this thread and I shall remain silent. :person_shrugging:

Bizarrely, I asked the same question on the Discord last week as I’m in the middle of preparing Shadows of Atlantis to run from mid-November.

Bill Heron said that it was in Fuch’s desk in response.
There’s a second copy in Küster’s office in Rome as well.

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I’m finding I need to take the mission chapters apart to be able to use them. Currently I’m building a list of key characters and key clues in each, and then building a flow map.

The call out of clues and information in the text isn’t great; love the campaign idea itself though.

I do think that there should have been more handouts, as key information is sometimes included in a descriptive sense but not as something you can give to the players. When you’re looking at something that’s important to the plot (for example the newsletter above is one of the pointers at super-weapon research), I’d have preferred a more tangible call out.


Thank you for your replies.