Timeline of Adventures

I’ve been doing some messing about and I think I’ve pretty much got the current A!C adventure timeline listed (to complement the one in the 2d20 Gamemasters’ Guide). It doesn’t include theSerpent & the Sands campaign book, or any Campaigns/Missions not yet published (if I get a chance I’ll update it when they are released). Note that some of these were for the old A!C edition using Call of Cthulhu 6/7e and Savage Worlds - those are marked with a *)

Date Adventure Location
Summer 1939 Zero Point : Three Kings* Castle Karlstein, Czechoslovakia
August 1939 The City of Broken Dreams (Shadows of Atlantis ) Vienna, Austria
August 1939 A Look at the Past (Shadows of Atlantis) Peru (CoC), British Honduras (2d20 can be set any time before 1941)
August-September 1939 Into the Mouth of Truth (Shadows of Atlantis) Rome, Italy
September 1939 A Light on the Horizon (Shadows of Atlantis) Egypt
December 1939 The Roof of the World (Shadows of Atlantis) Tibet
December 1939 A Precious Jewel (Shadows of Atlantis) India
January 1940 Fire & Brimstone (Shadows of Atlantis) Isfahan, Persia
February 1940 A Look at the Past (Shadows of Atlantis) British Honduras (2d20 can be set any time before 1941)
Summer 1940 Zero Point : Heroes of the Sea Dunkirk, France
May-June 1940 The Island of Splendour (Shadows of Atlantis) Greenland
June 1940 A Quick Trip to France Hautot-Sur-Seine, France
June 1940 Under the Gun (Missions) Dover, England
August 1940 Operation Vanguard (Missions) Skellan Island, Netherlands
September 1940 Operation Falling Crystal (Missions) St. Abbs, Scotland
Winter 1941 -Summer 1942 Zero Point: Code of Honour* Istanbul, Turkey
January 1941 Operation Wallace ( Missions) London, England
February 1941 The Romanian Imperative (Missions) Zaltan, Romania
July 24th 1941 Operation Marseille (Missions) Marseille, France
July 4th 1942 Seventh-Inning Slaughter (Missions) Beyer Stadium, USA
Spring 1943 The Trellborg Monstrosities* Trellborg, Finland
Winter 1943 Light on the Mountain (Missions) North of England
Winter1944 Kontamination* Kalterherberg, Germany
Winter 1944 Blessed of the Wind (Missions) Vindhjem, Norway
December 1944 Assault on the Fuhrer Train The Ardennes, Belgium/France
December 1944 Forest of Fear The Ardennes, Belgium
Early 1945 Assault on the Mountains of Madness Antarctica

This looks awesome and helps me fill in what I need but is August 1939 correct for The City of Broken Dreams ( Shadows of Atlantis ). Its listed out of order withe the other starting June 1939.

I’ve done another check and there were a couple of errors I’d made.

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Are there any plans to release 2D20 conversions for the CoC/SW scenarios? If not, are there any guides to converting between the different systems?

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