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The Requiem version of Vicissitude

Hi,folks. Something here is killing me.I remember when Vampire:the Requiem was released and I was glad to see that Vicissitude was not included in the Rulebook.Then,all of the sudden,appears a bloodline in some sourcebook(I don’t remember wich)and it’s main discipline was very similar to Vicissitude-but without the Zulo shape and the bloodform. I do not refer,here,to the discipline called The Show. I am talking about something else.What kills me is that forgot the name of the bloodline(I 'm pretty certain it was a Ventrue bloodline) and the name of the discipline as well. Any Requiem ST or player could,please,help me out?Thanks!

Requiem was not built to be Masquerade 4.0. But eventually, they brought back some elements (there are pieces of Vicissitude in about four different Requiem 1e Bloodlines) because they mechanically and thematically fit what they were going for.

For example, the bloodline you’re talking about is Daeva and called The Carnival. Other shapeshifting Disciplines that got part of Vicissitude are the Mekhet bloodline called the Norvegi, and their Bloodworking Discipline; and a couple of other places. The Show is the one with the most Vicissitude-alike stuff in with the body control parts, but nothing was ‘exactly’ Vicissitude.