The North Star Trail, Starfleet fulfils Archer's promise

Hello all,

This is the rough idea for a campaign I plan to run in about a year’s time.

In 2153, the Enterprise was sent to the Delphic Expanse to stop the mysterious Xindi from deploying a superweapon designed to blow up Earth. Along the way, and completely by accident, the Enterprise stumbled across a colony of Humans whose ancestors were abducted from the United States sometime in the 1860s. Enterprise only investigates the town of North Star, but in doing so they are forced to reveal their nature as spacefarers. A firefight ensues and, in the aftermath, Archer promises that someday Earth will return to North Star, they won’t abandon the colonists.

Unfortunately for Archer, several significant events in 2154 swept the North Star problem under the rug. The death of Admiral Forrest, the Vulcan re-organization following the discovery of the Kir’Shara, and the formation of the United Coalition of Planets all forced the issue to the back burner. Furthermore, it almost fell off the stove completely with the subsequent opening of the Earth-Romulan War.

But, six months ago news media outlets mysteriously heard about the existence of Humans abandoned in the Delphic Expanse and began to run stories on the issue. Suddenly, Starfleet was forced to act and a convoy was hastily set up to rescue the North Star colony and bring them home.

Now, in 2157, with Starfleet in desperate need of a PR win, and the citizens of the Coalition needing something to distract them from the ongoing war, the convoy has to be a success. But having been hastily thrown together, with most ships diverted for war duty, the odds are stacked against them as they voyage back into the unknown.

What have the Xindi been up to for four years? How has the destruction of the sphere network affected the 2000-LY wide region? And with proper background checks not necessary conducted on all the cargo and transport ships, can you really trust everyone riding along with you on the North Star Trail?


Love the concept. Limited fire power to protect the convoy and also will the colonist actually want to leave after building a civilization there.

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Yes! And with the Delphic Expanse now drastically changed, there’s at least a full season worth of travelling there and meeting new friends and old enemies on the way. Great concept!

Thanks @Npsbobwhite and @MisterX!

I have more ideas for it than I could fit in the original post. For example, first contact with the Packleds, whose prefrontal cortices (I would propose) are underdeveloped compared to the galactic average as an evolutionary response their species developing in an altered-spacetime zone created by the spheres.

If you have any suggestions for adventures, arcs, or episodes, I’d love to hear them!