The Great Game: Houses of the Landsraad

Yes, that’s pretty much exactly how it is done. Each House essentially has its own skills and assets.

Thanks for the info, just even more reason for me to buy the book.

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When will this book be available in the UK again (from UK retailers)? The postage from the USA is huge!

It looks like it is available on the Modiphius UK web store.
Not sure about any shortages at your FLGS, but the distribution channels for those are notoriously opaque and inefficient.

Dune: The Great Game: Houses of the Landsraad (PRINT) (

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Hmmm sadly £8.48 for postage is extortionate so assumed that was coming from the States!

I should add we’ll be at UK Games Expo next weekend and we’ll have lots of Dune stuff there if anyone needs to stock up postage free. :slight_smile:


Lovely! I like the services idea! Thank you for sharing!


From canada. The book is not listed in any store. Not even for pre order. Is this normal ? Do you have a release date for north america

The Modiphius US store shows they have 273 units in stock and they supposedly ship to Canada from there. (With a warning that it could take up to 3 weeks)
Not sure how the cross border aspect impacts things though. I know that EU to UK cross border is an absolute pain these days.

Thank you. I always buy my rpg from a nearby store. All other book for Dune rpg was available for pre order with them. But this book is not listed.

I guess my question is, do this book is going to be available in store like all other book or now, they are only available witj internet.

Is this a printing speed problem or a change in how they sold there product.

I asked Danny at UKGamesExpo about this one as well.
The stock is in the North American distribution channels. Beyond that it is out of Modiphius’ hands for how fast it moves through the system.

He did say that he aims to get stock into all the regions before release so it can be simultaneous (Modiphius being based in UK did used to release in UK while stock was still moving abroad). Looks like it hit a snag somewhere along the line here.

Not much help, but it is hopefully on it’s way.