Tattoos for Ashtoreth priest(ess)

I was wondering if there were any images or references as to what these tattoos looked like?
For context it’s mentioned in Nameless Cults that the priesthood of the goddess Ashtoreth tattoo themselves with the patterns depicted on the goddess’s horns.

Ashtoreth is intended to be the prehistoric precursor to Astarte, of the Greeks (and, later, the Romans), who is also the Syrian goddess, Ishtar.

You can Google Astarte or Ishtar and see many examples of the earliest representations of the goddess, etc. Sadly, I don’t recall there being any specific patterns associated with her horns (she was often represented as a cow or as having a cow’s head in Syria and Persia, and the Romans showed her as having cow horns, if memory serves).

The earliest versions of Astarte/Ashtoreth/Ishtar idolatry take the form of literally just a cone-shaped white stone (if there was decoration in the form of designs or patterns on that stone, it was long ago erased from the artifacts we see today, I’m sure), which I don’t see as being particularly useful for your purposes, but if nothing else, you could draw from the coinage and idols that bore her likeness: often a woman with cow horns, her head surrounded by rays of light, sitting atop a lion; in her hands, a thunderbolt and a scepter.