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Symbiosis Failure a module for Queen City Conquest

I’m running 12 hours of original Star Trek Adventures modules at Buffalo’s Queen City Conquest convention. After the con (Sept 7-9) I was thinking of sharing one of the adventures with you.

Symbiosis Failure: The Grand Nagus calls the Captain and crew to the Ferengi Alliance, where Ferengi ships guide the crew to a secret planet that acts as a fountain of youth. Real estate has only been offered to the very richest in the galaxy. Upon arrival to this paradise, the crew discovers the Grand Nagus wants to give away his fortune to those in need… and hates himself for it. Lwxanna Troi has turned her back on vanity. Plus, a Starfleet Admiral’s taken his life on the world. What’s messing with the residents’ minds, and can the Romulan Admiral living on the planet be trusted with the planet’s secret?
So, any interest in the full adventure?
Garrett Crowe

Sounds intriguing. How did the Con go and how was this scenario received?

The con went great, and everyone loved the module. I’ll try to post the module this weekend.

Here’s the module I ran at Queen City Conquest.


Awesome - thanks for sharing!

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Barefoot, would you please post this to the Star Trek Resources sub category? It will make easier for people lookong for scennarios to find.

Will do.

Thank you sir