Story Outline. Looking for feedback

I’m going to be GM for a Conan roleplaying game in a couple of weeks. Thought I’d run the outline of my campaign past all of you to see if anyone has any critique. This game will be played across three play sessions.

I’ve been roleplaying for about 30 years now, and have been GMing almost as long. I tend to create a basic outline of a campaign, plan out a few key events for a play session, then largely improvise in between. It’s not uncommon for my group to run 8-12 hours in a single session. Think of this as an early draft of what I’ve got planned so far.

Part 1

  • Starts in a port city. All players wanting to leave the city by sea for one reason or another. Perhaps out of need, perhaps just because they want to see the world.
  • Something is almost immediately wrong as the ship looses sight of land. Players become suspicious that the people who own the ship have ulterior motives.
  • Characters uncover a plot, but not the extent of it. Try to break free and manage to escape their captors. Find themselves on an island.
  • Searching for signs of civilization, they stumble upon a hunting party of sorts. They seem friendly and take them back to some ancient ruins they live in.

Part 2

  • More people arrive, among them the crew of the ship you were on and they realize this is in fact where they were being brought.
  • Enslaved, they are sent deep into the ruins to explore and loot on behalf of the group’s leader. A horribly deformed thing that can barely be considered human anymore. He’s surrounded himself with a harem and all those around him (Even many of the slaves) worship him like a god.
  • While searching the ruins, one of our characters (We have an aspiring sorcerer who will be a perfect fit for this.) begins to hear something speaking to him that only he can hear.
  • Through investigation the group discovers that there is a god slumbering beneath the city, and it is waking. It is what’s speaking to the sorcerer.
  • This next bit depends on how the players want to approach it. 1. They can try to use the god to their advantage to aid in their escape. 2. They can let their captors know about this thing and hope that it serves as enough of a distraction or gain them enough favor with their captors to improve their circumstances. 3. They can try to slay the god. 4. They can try to learn more about the god.

Part 3

  • Strange creatures start to attack the village, things like the characters have seen in ancient hieroglyphics around the ruins.
  • All hell breaks loose as the god wakens. Their choices earlier will determine if it singles them out or mostly ignores them. (With a very real chance of getting caught in the crossfire either way.)
  • With barely their shirts on their backs, the characters make their escape, sailing off to parts unknown.

Thoughts? Comments? Constructive criticism?

PS: Assuming our group enjoys the game (And they almost always do) then we’ll likely use the end of this as a stepping stone into the next story.