Star Trek Canon, Year By Year - 2371

A two part examination of 2371 in Star Trek canon with an eye towards plot hooks, mission ideas, and other gameable stuff. Adapted and expanded from the notes I made for our campaign. Hope y’all find them handy!

Early 2371 - Begins with an overview of the situation along the Federation-Cardassian border at the start of 2371 and covers the first third of the year.

Middle and Lare 2371 - The rest of the year.


Good summary. Very useful for gaming Star Trek.

This confirms my instinct to start circa 2370 or earlier and disregard events of 2371 and later as not having happened as the Dominion story is where Star Trek went off the rails for me.

Related: Timeline | Memory Alpha | Fandom – listing probably everything happened.

Without the cool plot hooks & commentaries, though. Nice find, @RLF!

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Did you maybe mean to post that here?: So I may try to do some papercraft

Yes, yes I did. I had two windows open. 50% chance. This is why I don’t go to the boats.

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