Star Trek Adventures Online Character Generator

NO! In addtion to… not instead of…

It’s certainly been a thing in the back of my mind. If Utopia Planetia has good rules for Starbase creation (as Jim seems to be teasingly implying) it probably makes sense to wait for that to come out before tackling Starbases.



Using the new version I ran into an issue today with creating a TOS era Vulcan science officer. The creation process seemed to work normally, but printing the PDF dropped off the 4th Talent. I didn’t have time to check the other character sheet options.

Which character sheet? The TOS sheet?

Yes, the TOS sheet

I did some additional testing, and wasn’t able to reproduce the error that you’re reporting.

I did notice something wrong: apparently the list of talents was displaying options that you’ve previously selected. So, is it possible that you double-selected one particular talent (and therefore, when you hit the end, there were only 3 unique talents)?

Ah, so it would seem user error is the cause. :slight_smile: