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Star Trek Adventures Online Character Generator

Because we, of course, know what’s best for you and your characters.

I hate the Soong-type Android!

I prefer my Annabelle-16…

Okay, finally I sat down today and got the source running on my machine. I only needed a few trivial changes (there are some minor quibbles about case-sensitivity that got in my way – Windows is case-insensitive and Mac is not).

I dispensed with trying to figure out Visual Studio – I’m running it from the command line and doing so just required me to get my head around webpack.

I might create a pull request with those changes and additional notes in the README. After that, let’s see what I can do about supporting Klingon goodness.



I think it makes sense to try to do this work in three parts:

  1. Update the app to include new species (QuchHa’), Talents, and Source, so that you can create Klingon Starfleet characters (with new talents), look up the Klingon talents, and so forth.
  2. Build out character creation to include the Klingon warrior path (this is the part where we may want to deal with Talents that have a different name in the Klingon Core book)
  3. Use the Klingon character sheet template.

I’ve almost finished (1). I’ll probably submit the pull request today or tomorrow.

UPDATE: Submitted! Now I have to wait for @Christoffer to review and deploy.



Use the Klingon character sheet template.

This could be complicated. It looks like PDF export is implemented via some web service, the source of which isn’t included here.

Hm. Looks like there’s a cap on number of consecutive posts I can make. So I’ll append to here:

Okay. I’m very close to being done this part. Not gonna lie: it’s a pretty massive amount of change/work.

There are a couple of things that are currently out of my control (at least until I deal with point 3). For example, the information about weapons that appear on the final character sheet are hard-coded (or implemented in the service call).

I’ll probably have a pull request later tonight or possibly tomorrow.


As I discussed in another thread, I’ve uploaded a new version of the app to my website.


That is great, thank you. The klingon Commander I just bild, would be a great adversery for Kirk.

There is a Command Tallent “Multi-discipline” from the Command Division Book Page 45, which I can’t find.

I’ve added the talent to the list. Obviously, there should be some logic changes related to that talent, but I’ll give those a whirl at another time.


Thank you very much.

It’s great, I even see you took care of the bug that happens with Attributes over 12. You are doing amazing work.

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That bug was so vexing. Thanks for noticing!


We’re now in “another time”. If you have the “Multi-Discipline” Talent you can choose two roles on the finishing touches page.



Great, thank you.

The latest update includes new species from the Shakleton Expanse Campaign book.


Wow, your’e fast! Kudos!

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Never once did my fingers leave my hand!

(But seriously: Thanks!)


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I’m sure this is some idiom / in-joke. :face_with_monocle: Because I do not understand. :joy:

Sorry. I think it’s something stage magicians used to say while distracting the audience before a slight-of-hand trick.

BCing you

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Many thanks. :slight_smile:
That being said, I’m also really thankful for your continuing mission to update the generator :slight_smile:

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I’m trawling through the older posts looking for feature requests. I think that these are most of the options:

I’m totally on board with this (I often make my own character sheets and putting the full Talent text is one of the things I do most frequently).

It might be interesting to share notes with the folks doing the other Roll20-like system extension.


Yeah, that sounds like an important feature.