Spell Casting in Conan

Can someone give a quick overview on spellcasting. I know it’s not like D&D but I am not grasping it as well as I like. Sounds like just learning a spell costs permanent resolve lost which means you don’t get many spells.

There is unofficial FAQ and sorcery cheat sheet, check it out: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d-KGBSFeJpMPV0ONeCqdwIFkaGC3KcT8zEqu0JsjBcQ/edit


That is correct. You probably won’t have many spells at all - the variety comes from how Talents and Momentum spends work with each spell. Each spell has a base description to describe the spirit of the spell, and then you use Talents and Momentum to modify it in various ways, even making “new” spells from the base one.

Otherwise the FAQ that Valyar has a good rundown.

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Thanks! As someone just learning the game, docs like these are very helpful!

There’s also a really good discussion from a couple of months ago that really cleared up a lot for me.

The spells in Conan are very adaptable. There aren’t very many but the D&D idea of casters is also not really applicable in Conan. They are uncommon and generally feared/reviled/hunted when they are known. They make up for this by having some honestly incredible powers.