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Spell casting difficulty cap when casting for consequences

So, momentum spends in spells. If a player wants to cast a spell, using cast for consequences. And adds up all of the spends he wants. For argument sake sends it above D5.

A) Can you only ever have a max of D5 spell, and must stop adding spends when reached?
B) You can add additonal momentum spends over and above 5, but the spell is ranked as a D5 and will never get higher?
C) Your spell is ranked as per momentum spent, so the roll is based on the actual total and not capped?

I recently read somewhere that a difficulty above D5 is treated as a D5 and the extra steps are ignored. Given that you need GM permission to Cast for Consequences every time you do, I believe that it would be completely within the rules to cast a spell with a momentum spend higher than 4 (the required amount for most spells to reach a D5) for consequences, but I believe that most GMs would only allow that under exceptional circumstances.

Synopsis: Yes you can and the difficulty would be a D5, but GM’s would seldom allow it. (Option B is the closest)

I’m a jerk. This is how I would play it.

Add up your required difficulty. Say “D8”.

Cast for consequences. You roll 4 successes. Spell works as we are only determining consequences, but players misses by 4 and gets 4 complications.

If players REALLY want to try magic that powerful, cool.


Yeah, I think I lean towards the total number aswell. As that would stop people from saying. Ill take all the momentum spends… why only a d5, for a d10 spell.